Amateur photographers, with enough shooting experience, who had to work with cameras from different manufacturers, know that each device has its own character. In theory, the camera should transmit the image as real as it is possible. However, in practice it can be observed that the pictures, taken on the same conditions, but at a different equipment, are also different. And the differences are often due to not only and not so much the design of the lens or other technical features.

The developers of digital devices to capture images are directly concerned to make photos not only true, but also attractive. However, the concept of "beauty" is different in different people, so the image of each digital camera is different.

Image editors are different from each other. One and the same image processing tasks can be implemented using different approaches and correction techniques. And the result can often be different, even if you perform simple operations, such as the automatic adjustment of color balance. Perhaps these can be explained the amazing vitality of graphics editors of "second tier", such as, for example, Corel PaintShop Pro or new instruments from adobe creative suite 6 master collection.

This application is very well taken its place in the market of software for image processing. It allows the editor for a long time to stay afloat and even grow. PaintShop Pro has enough tools to proudly considered full-fledged image editor. Moreover, if we compare this package for processing photos with other applications to work with raster graphics, then in many ways a product of Corel surely will be the winner.

The output of Corel PaintShop Pro X6 version - a good excuse once again to draw attention to the program and assess whether it is useful when working with photos.

Of course, Corel PaintShop Pro X6 nothing has changed. The same editor, same interface, a former arsenal of tools for image processing. However, the developers of Corel took an important step for the development of the program - prepared it engine to maximize the use of resources of modern PC. This, in turn, gives fans of digital photography hope that in future versions, editor will have increased tools and expansion of its functionality.