16,000 phrases on how, whether or not, and why to upscale your video assortment with AI

We’re starting to stay in a world the place AI can genuinely do some unbelievable issues, and I’m not simply speaking about DALL-E’s capability to provide uncanny authentic artwork on command. If you happen to’ve ever skilled a shitty Blu-ray and wished somebody might simply upscale the DVDs for a greater switch, there’s genuinely an AI app for that kind of factor. Two, in actual fact!

ExtremeTech managing editor Joel Hruska is aware of a factor or two about that, having spent the final two and a half years trying to remaster Star Trek: Deep Area 9 and Star Trek: Voyager utilizing these frequently evolving instruments. And this previous week, he wrote a 16,000-word explainer chock stuffed with video samples and picture comparability sliders to share all of it with you. It’s like a state-of-the-state-of-the-art with regards to this tech, and a free class, all rolled into one.

If you happen to noticed his work with Star Trek or the online game cutscenes I shared final 12 months or are observing a pile of previous residence films and questioning “Ought to I do this? How do I do this? Will it work?” I’d undoubtedly advocate giving it a learn and a view.

I’ve spent greater than a handful of hours enjoying round with the Topaz Video Improve AI software program myself, and I’m already enthusiastic about these packages in a different way. I’m undoubtedly going to should strive mixing outputs and including noise (which the AI can apparently use to resolve additional element!) the following time I decide it up. Or, perhaps I’ll strive Cupscale, an app he recommends that’s utterly free, albeit a lot slower to render. Hruska’s DS9 video, on the high of this story, was upscaled utilizing free software program alone.

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