67 Fascinating Info About Mongolia

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Mongolia is a rustic in East Asia. The nation can also be well-known for Genghis Khan, a one in all a sort ruler that modified the course of historical past for the nation. With these 66facts about Mongolia, let’s study extra about its historical past, tradition & custom, financial system, geography, folks and much extra…

Geographical details about Mongolia

1. Mongolia is a landlocked, unitary sovereign state in East Asia.

2.Bogd Khan Ull Nationwide Park (1783), the oldest nationwide park on the planet, is in Mongolia. It predates the Yellowstone by roughly 100 years.

3.Current day Mongolia was known as “Outer Mongolia.” Internal Mongolia is an autonomous area in The Folks’s Republic of China, situated within the north of the nation. Internal Mongolia accommodates over 12% of China’s land space and is the third largest subdivision ofChina.

4.Mongolia lies between China to the South and Russia to the North. It’s truly bordered on the three sides (South, East, and West) by China.Kazakhstan can also be close to to Mongolia at solely a distance of 36.76 km.

Map of Mongolia

5.With a inhabitants of round 3 million folks, Mongolia, by space is the 18th largest nation on the planet.

6.Behind Kazakhstan, Mongolia is the world’s second-largest landlocked nation, adopted by Chad (third), Niger (4th), Mali (fifth), Ethiopia (sixth), Bolivia (seventh), Zambia (eighth), Afghanistan (ninth) and Central African Republic (tenth largest landlocked nation on the planet).

7.With a median temperature of minus 1.3 diploma Celsius, Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar (“Crimson Hero”) is the world’s chilliest capital metropolis. The second coldest capital metropolis on the planet is Astana in Kazakhstan with a median annual temperature of three.5 diploma Celsius.

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8.Mongolia is the world’s most sparsely populated nation. It has a land space of 1.6 million km and a inhabitants of three million.

9.With a median altitude of 1580 m above sea stage, Mongolia is among the highest nations on the planet.

10.The highest level of the nation is “The Khuiten peak” at 4374 m on the west aspect of the nation alongside the border with China. It is named “Youyi Feng” in Chinese language and “Nairamdal Uul” in Mongolian. The height was first ascended in 1963 by Mongolian mountaineers sponsored by the federal government. It was often called “Friendship Peak” previously.

11.The lowest level is The Hoh Nurr lakeat 560 m. See the listing of highest and lowest factors of nations right here.

12.The Potanin Glacier,which is 14 km lengthy, is the longest glacier in Mongolia.

13.Virtually 3/4th of Mongolia’s land space is pastureland, which helps the lives of its grazing livestock.

14.Mongolia is liable to earthquakes a few of whom are extreme in nature. Nevertheless, attributable to low inhabitants density, the earthquakes don’t trigger any main hurt.

15.Mongolia has three mountain chains: the Khangai Mountains, the Khentii Mountains and the Mongolian Altai Mountains (the very best of the three ranges).

16.Mongolia doesn’t have direct contact with an ocean. In actual fact, the closest ocean to the nation is the Pacific Ocean. Nevertheless, Mongolia has a number of lakes that collectively cowl an space of 16,003 kilometer sq..

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17.Ulaanbaatar, the capital metropolis of Mongolia used to maneuver thrice a 12 months (being a nomadic metropolis). Mongolia grew to become a member of the World Commerce Group in 1997.

18.Genghis Khan, born in 1162, shaped the Mongol Empire in 1206. The Mongol Empire can also be the biggest contiguous empire in world historical past. The empire coated 22% of the Earth’s whole land space. Nevertheless, after the demise of Genghis Khan, the empire was divided into 4 kingdoms.

Flag of Mongolia

67 Interesting Facts About Mongolia - The Fact File (1)

Info about Mongolian tradition and custom

19.The nation is well-known for its nomadic life-style and traditions. The nation is among the final nations on the planet to have such a excessive proportion of nomads amongst its inhabitants.

20.Airagis the normal nationwide drink of Mongolia. It’s primarily mare’s fermented milk. This fermented milk has a number of advantages for well being and the digestive system. The social and cultural worth of the drink is much like that of the wine in France. Study extra about Airag right here.

21.Pointing fingers and speaking in a raised voiceis taken into account impolite in Mongolianculture.

22.Standing or talking on the brink of the door in Mongolia is taboo, and so is lighting up a cigarette from a candle.

23.Goat, sheep, cattle, camel, and horse are the 5 predominant kinds of inventory that nomads of the area increase and breed for a dwelling. These nomads transfer from place to put in quest of probably the most favorable campsites and pastures.

24.Mongolians love youngsters and that is why their common household has 4 youngsters. A mom of 5 is awarded within the nation as “Honored Mom“.

25.Use of proper hand or each the palms whereas giving one thing to elders is taken into account well mannered.

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26.“Naadam” is an annual conventional competition in Mongolia which is well known between 11th and 13th July.

27.In Mongolia, it’s a follow to shake palms when somebody unintentionally touches you with their toes. It’s a means of apologizing for the error.

28.Hospitality performs a major position within the Mongolian tradition. Company are usually served with a bowl of Airag (Mongolia’s nationwide drink). The visitor is anticipated to take a sip or drink the complete bowl however not refuse the drink as it’s thought of gravely #rude.

29.Freedom of worship is a key aspect of the lives of the Mongols.

30.Singing whereas using a horse is sort of standard within the nation. Horse riders use a method often called “Throat Singing” also referred to as “Khoomi Singing”. Singers use their throat and nostril to supply two totally different sounds on the similar time.

31.Music is used to specific feelings for family members, horses, nature and the land. The standard “Lengthy Music” is a superb software for this function. It’s a Mongolian classical type of singing through which every syllable of the textual content is prolonged for an extended period. A lot to your shock, a Lengthy Music of 4 minutes in size might comprise solely 10 phrases whereas others could also be as much as 3 hours lengthy.

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32.Mongolian conventional properties – “the Ger or Yurt” are additionally part of their nationwide id. The Ger can also be known as the White Pearl of the Steppe. The door of the Ger at all times faces south, as a result of the wind largely blows from North and Northwest.

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33.After the dying of Genghis Khan, Buddhism grew to become a dominant faith. Right this moment, Buddhism is a wide-spread faith within the nation and the inhabitants adhere to Tibetan Buddhists teachings.

34.The Dalai Lama is a key determine within the nation and has visited Mongolia a number of instances.

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35.Mongolians are uncomfortable about homosexuality or same-sex relationships. Nevertheless, the follow shouldn’t be unlawful within the nation.

36.Mongolians worshiped the blue skies. They thought of the sky as their father, and earth as their mom. As a consequence of the truth that the civilization was depending on the forces of nature, they worshiped the assorted components of nature.

37.Mongolian wrestling, also referred to as Bokh, is the folks wrestling fashion of Mongolia. This type of wrestling is prevalent for the reason that time of Genghis Khan who used the game to maintain his military in good condition and type. This sport can also be part of the nationwide independence celebration – Naadam.

38.In Khalkha fashion, touching the bottom with something apart from the foot loses you the match. Winners of the battle are additionally given awards relying on the variety of fights they’ve gained in succession.

Meals in Mongolia

39.As a consequence of sure geographical limitations, spices usually are not grown within the nation. Conventional Mongolian meals are non-spicy gentle meals.Varied worldwide cuisines are additionally consumed within the nation however primarily within the capital or main settlements.

40.Throughout the summer season season, locals eat extra of dairy merchandise than meat. In addition they concentrate on consuming extra drinks than stable meals, which helps quench their thirst.

41.Vodka is a well-liked drink within the nation. It’s thought of impolite to not have a drink along with your host when provided by them.

42.Meat and dairy merchandise represent the food regimen of the Mongolians. As a result of that is what’s primarily accessible within the nation for many years and is sweet for well being as effectively.

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