The Results of a Narcissistic Mom on her Daughter (2022)

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What are the consequences of a Narcissistic mom on her daughter? Whenever you think about a picturesque mother-daughter relationship, what do you see?

The compassionate, heat mom who could make each drawback seemingly disappear? The daughter who turns to her mom with each secret? The loving, respectful bond that morphs into a ravishing friendship?

For daughters of narcissistic moms, the connection doesn’t resemble something like conventional love. As an alternative, it usually looks as if a relentless, shedding battle.

These daughters usually spend their childhoods feeling confused, alone, and frightened. As they develop up, their emotions might grow to be much more intensified.

Desk of Contents:

  • Indicators of a Narcissistic Mom
  • Do Narcissistic Moms Hate their Daughters?
  • Widespread Traits Daughters of Narcissistic Moms
  • Relationship issues
  • Why are Narcissistic Moms Jealous?
  • Therapeutic

What Are the Indicators of a Narcissistic Mom?

Narcissists have an inflated sense of ego and prioritize their wants and wishes above anybody else’s. They constantly understand themselves as vital, superior, and entitled to have what they need.

Subsequently, they usually have little disregard for emotion, they usually can grow to be rapidly reactive and even hostile when issues don’t go their manner. Let’s evaluation among the different telltale indicators of narcissistic moms.

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Dwelling Vicariously By way of You

Somewhat than relate to their kids as unbiased people, narcissists see them as mere extensions of themselves.

Subsequently, you usually tend to be punished fairly than celebrated when you’ve got distinctive ideas or wants.

Narcissistic moms might dwell vicariously by way of you by forcing sure beliefs or expectations onto you.

For instance, they could make you dance in the event that they cherished to bounce. They may gown you up in girly outfits even when you establish as extra tomboyish.

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Superficial Praising

As a result of narcissists need others to admire them, they usually love exhibiting off their baby’s attributes.

Regardless that they is likely to be vital of you at house, they have an inclination to relish in different individuals’s approval of your abilities, look, or accomplishments.

Many narcissists will flip to social media to brag about their kids. Nonetheless, this method isn’t about praising you- it’s about showcasing their glorious job in elevating you!

Lack of Empathy

Why are you so unhappy? There’s nothing to be upset about proper now!

You shouldn’t get offended over that.

I don’t see what the massive deal is. You’ll recover from it.

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Narcissists are not aware of different individuals’s ideas or emotions. As an alternative, they solely mirror on themselves.

They usually understand different individuals as objects, equipment, or competitors- not as complete individuals with various wants and feelings.

Because of this, they can not validate you in your experiences. As an alternative, they usually disgrace you for pondering or feeling otherwise from them.

Extra Dependency

You’ll be able to’t transfer there. It’s too distant!

I can’t dwell with out you. I would like you.

I sacrificed a lot for you whenever you had been a baby. The least you are able to do is give me a bit of cash now.

Many narcissists need their kids to care for them emotionally, financially, or bodily for the remainder of their lives.

Because of this, they could try to control you into making unrealistic sacrifices to satisfy their wants.


Some narcissistic moms are so self-absorbed with their very own lives that they haven’t any emotional capability for genuine child-raising.

As an alternative of taking good care of you, they could have devoted most of their time to their profession, pals, hobbies, or intimate relationships.

Smearing You

Narcissistic mother and father generally have interaction in smear campaigns when their kids fail to satisfy their expectations.

Smear campaigns are intentional plans to humiliate you in try and compromise your popularity. In case your mom smears you, she would possibly:

  • Attempt to persuade different relations that you’re the issue.
  • Check your companion or pals’ loyalty by making imply feedback about you.
  • Try to sabotage your college or work.

Constant Gaslighting

  • You already know I used to be simply being sarcastic! I don’t know why you need to be so delicate.
  • I by no means stated that! You’re imagining issues.
  • I feel you’re simply trying into issues an excessive amount of.

Narcissists ceaselessly gaslight their victims to keep up energy and management over them. Gaslighting will be difficult to detect, making you query your actuality.

Do Narcissistic Moms Hate Their Daughters?

Hate is a far-fetched, misguided time period, and narcissists don’t often hate their kids. As an alternative, they usually view them as both objects to regulate or rivals to beat.

Sadly, narcissistic love is conditional, that means it has strings connected.

Whenever you act favorably, they have an inclination to internalize your optimistic conduct as a tribute to their profitable parenting. They indulge in your success and sometimes take accountability for it.

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The alternative impact can be true. Whenever you disrespect or embarrass them, there are huge penalties. They could grow to be rageful, possessive, or fully dismissive.

What Are Some Widespread Traits of Daughters of Narcissistic Moms?

Every baby internalizes their childhood experiences otherwise. That stated, there are a number of traits daughters might develop because of her relationship along with her mom.

Lack of Boundaries

daughters of a narcissistic mother or father should not allowed to have private boundaries. Their mother and father decide all the pieces, and the principles usually change with out discover.

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Because of this, they wrestle to establish or implement boundaries of their grownup life.

For one, they could not even acknowledge the advantages of getting limits. They could be so accustomed to catering to different people who they don’t perceive the significance of honoring their very own wants.

Furthermore, an absence of boundaries additionally tends to come back from an inherent need to appease others by way of people-pleasing.

Daughters spend a lot time making an attempt to fulfill their narcissistic mom. It usually feels simpler to simply “give in” than attempt to compromise or arise for your self.

Low Self-Esteem

Wholesome mother and father validate and love their kids unconditionally. Wholesome mother and father additionally know that errors are an inherent a part of childhood. Even when their baby misbehaves, they self-discipline the conduct with out shaming them.

Narcissistic mother and father rarely- if ever- validate their kids. As an alternative, they try to regulate, change, or suppress conduct that doesn’t match inside their perception system.

As an alternative of exploring their very own identification, their kids develop up making an attempt to cater to their mother and father.


The daughters of a narcissistic mom have little say in something throughout childhood. They’re used to somebody making all the chief choices for them.

As an grownup, chances are you’ll wrestle even to know what you need. You could have been criticized for having your personal opinion or wants, so that you realized to ignore your wants mechanically.

Whenever you want to select, chances are you’ll require extra approval from others earlier than continuing.

Warning or Paranoia

Youngsters in narcissistic properties are sometimes gifted in deciphering physique language and different nonverbal communication.

In any case, they needed to develop up making an attempt to know their mom’s conduct and attune to her needs- fairly than the opposite manner round.

As an grownup, chances are you’ll be overly ready to anticipate hazard. This will have an effect on your interpersonal relationships. Trusting different individuals is usually exhausting since you concern being manipulated or damage.


Some kids of narcissists grow to be narcissistic themselves. Narcissistic moms are typically overly preoccupied with exterior accomplishments and standing.

They lack empathy and can’t attune to their baby’s inherent wants. Whereas many daughters wrestle with low shallowness because of their upbringing, others transfer in the wrong way.

Their narcissism virtually acts as an act of rebellion- after a whole childhood spent submitting to their moms, they grow to be narcissistic as a manner of covertly competing with them.

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Why Do They Have Bother With Male Relationships?

As talked about, many daughters wrestle with points associated to low shallowness, boundaries, and belief issues. Any of those variables can have an effect on courting and intimacy.

Some daughters subconsciously search companions much like their moms.

They could discover a companion who acts domineering and significant. Regardless that they could resent this particular person, it feels acquainted and permits them to soundly recreate what they know.

Different daughters take the alternative method. They could subconsciously search submissive, weaker companions.

Subsequently, they are likely to assume a extra narcissistic place. This dynamic usually responds to the daughter’s want for energy and management. In the event you spent your complete life feeling oppressed, it is sensible that you really want a dynamic change.

The narcissistic mom usually has a front-seat ticket to her grownup daughter’s life.

She might meddle within the relationship, attempt to pit each companions in opposition to one another, and search limitless consideration. In the event you two have kids collectively, she’s going to usually try to regulate the way you increase your baby.

Lastly, some girls hold their guards up and keep away from courting altogether. They could really feel so traumatized by their childhood relationships that they by no means need to belief anybody else once more.

Why Are Narcissistic Moms So Jealous of Their Daughters?

Narcissists thrive on energy and management. They understand something that might probably jeopardize energy and management as an inherent risk. Subsequently, when individuals offer you consideration, your mom would possibly react by:

  • Placing you down straight.
  • Making sarcastic feedback about you getting fortunate.
  • Claiming your successes or accomplishments as her personal.
  • Making an attempt to retaliate and replicate no matter you might be doing.
  • Validating you in public and criticizing you later.

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Your mom will be jealous of anything- your look, profession, accomplishments, relationships (notably when you’ve got a very good one along with your father). Most jealousy stems from the conflicting message, make me look good, however don’t do higher than me.

Whereas rising up, this jealousy can really feel extremely complicated. Youngsters naturally need to please their parents- after they’re small, they have an inclination to idolize them as god-like figures.

They don’t really feel like they’re on equal footing as their moms, so kids can’t perceive why their moms need to compete.

As a result of low shallowness is so synonymous with daughters of narcissistic moms, there’s a very good chance you don’t see your personal price.

Subsequently, you in all probability can’t think about your mom would really be jealous of you. As an alternative, chances are you’ll simply internalize that you simply aren’t adequate.

Therapeutic From a Narcissistic Mom

Acknowledging your Narcissistic Mom will be eye-opening, particularly when you grew up unable to acknowledge why your relationship felt so troubled.

On the similar time, this realization will be upsetting and discouraging. You could really feel offended or unhappy whenever you mirror in your childhood. You may also really feel uncertain about tips on how to transfer ahead.

Educate Your self on Narcissism

A narcissistic persona dysfunction is a psychological sickness. The signs are persistent and pervasive. Your mom isn’t selecting to behave this way- specialists agree that genetics and neurobiology doubtless play a task in narcissistic traits.

Consciousness is a vital a part of your restoration course of. It’s best to educate your self on the indicators and signs of narcissism and think about how your mom’s persona impacted you- each in childhood and in maturity.

Set up Acceptable Boundaries

Narcissists don’t readily change their methods. They do what they should do to satisfy their needs- even when their conduct could seem downright appalling to you.

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That’s why boundaries are so vital. It’s essential think about your bodily, emotional, and monetary boundaries in the case of your mom.

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For instance, let’s say your mom criticizes your home each time she comes over.

As a boundary, chances are you’ll require that she depart if she engages on this conduct once more.

Or, let’s say your mom bombards you with textual content messages when she doesn’t hear from you after just a few days.

As a boundary, you would possibly reply with a easy, I’m busy proper now, however I’ll name you this weekend, and depart it at that.

Keep in mind that your boundaries are solely as highly effective as your skill to implement them.

In the event you don’t reinforce what you say, you ship incongruent messages about your intentions. Because of this, your mom will doubtless proceed to control you.

Contemplate a No-Contact Strategy

In case your mom disrespects you and your boundaries, chances are you’ll have to step away from the connection altogether. After all, it is a private choice, and you need to think about this selection fastidiously.

Taking the no-contact method means avoiding any interplay or engagement along with your mom.

No contact means you’re saying no extra Narcissistic Abuse, no extra enabling, and no extra poisonous vitality.

This selection is at all times accessible to you and is likely to be essential to protect your psychological well being.

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