This Is Easy methods to Defend Your Berries From Marauding Birds (2022)

Birds wish to feed on strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and no matter different edible fruits you is likely to be rising. These backyard and orchard fruits are as tasty and nutritious to birds (and plenty of different creatures) as they’re to us.

In rural areas and in business orchards or fruit farms, there are generally deadly strategies taken to guard fruit crops from invaders from the sky. However few city or suburban gardeners wish to plink songbirds with a BB gun, even whether it is authorized. And earlier than taking any measures in any respect to chase birds away, it’s best to take into account the truth that these birds could also be current to eat bugs which can be damaging your berries. The identical measures you employ to maintain birds away from the berries can be retaining them from consuming bugs that is likely to be the extra severe enemies.

The mere presence of birds within the space doesn’t imply these birds are actively consuming berries. Earlier than taking counter-measures, ensure you are literally witnessing the birds consuming your fruit.

What Birds Eat What Berries

It is not essential to panic simply since you see birds within the neighborhood of your berries. Some birds are primarily insect eaters and are not thinking about your berries in any respect. However these species which can be seed and fruit eaters could be feasting in your berries. Of the lots of of chicken species, these two dozen or so are the more than likely to eat your berries:

  • American robin
  • Baltimore oriole
  • Black-capped chickadee
  • Blue jay
  • Black-headed grosbeak
  • Bohemian waxwing
  • Brown thrasher
  • Bullock’s oriole
  • Cedar waxwing
  • Crested barbet
  • Jap bluebird
  • European starling
  • Grey catbird
  • Home finch
  • Home wren
  • Northern cardinal
  • Northern flicker
  • Northern mockingbird
  • Purple finch
  • Rose-breasted grosbeak
  • Ruby-crowned kinglet
  • Scarlet tanager
  • Summer season tanager
  • Tufted titmouse
  • Western tanager

Nearly any berries and fruits are the goal of birds, however the commonest victims are:

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  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Cherries
  • Harmony grapes
  • Crabapples
  • Oranges
  • Plums
  • Raspberries
  • Serviceberries
  • Strawberries

Defending Berries from Birds

There are a number of humane methods to maintain your berry crop secure from neighborhood birds. Listed here are a couple of of the most effective.

Flash Tape

Flash tape is mainly what it appears like: strips of Mylar or foil tape that flutter within the breeze, scaring the birds off. The birds do not just like the shine of the tape, and something that strikes is sweet for retaining birds out of the world.

  • Professionals: Foil tape is cheap, humane, and comparatively unobtrusive.
  • Cons: If the birds are hungry sufficient, they will threat going close to the tape to get to a buffet of recent berries. Over time, birds be taught to disregard the flash tape.

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CDs or Aluminum Pie Plates on a String

The thought behind this technique is identical because the Mylar flash tape: shiny, shifting objects will frighten any hungry birds from the world. To make use of this technique, merely tie some string via the outlet in a CD (or make a gap in a pie plate and thread string via it) and hold it from a fence or put up close to your berries.

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  • Professionals: Motion and shine will frighten most birds off. This technique additionally gives an important alternative to recycle, since you should utilize outdated CDs and used aluminum pie plates.
  • Cons: That is virtually something however unobtrusive. And, as with the flash tape technique, if birds are very hungry, this technique will not deter them for lengthy.


That is most likely essentially the most fool-proof technique for retaining extra of the berry harvest for your self. By draping netting over your berry bushes and small fruit timber, you stop birds from getting on the overwhelming majority of the berries. For low crops similar to strawberries, floating row cowl frames can help netting to protect the berries from birds. Taller berry bushes might be protected by pop-up screens bought by backyard provide retailers.

  • Professionals: Birds cannot get to many of the berries. Chicken netting is pretty cheap.
  • Cons: Small birds could get contained in the netting and get caught. Additionally, the berries on the outer edges of the plant will nonetheless be accessible to the birds, so you will have to just accept some losses.

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Scarecrows (Faux Predators)

The thought behind that is simple—birds see a supposed predator (a chicken of prey, a snake, or a human scarecrow) close to the berries, they usually will not go close to them. Backyard provide shops promote quite a lot of totally different inflatable or cardboard scarecrows of owls, hawks, or snakes to make use of within the backyard. To make this work, you have to transfer the scarecrow to a brand new place within the space each few days. Even the birds will work out ultimately that the scarecrow is not shifting.

  • Professionals: Scarecrows can add a sure sense of caprice to a backyard, they usually do a good job of scaring off many birds off. If some a part of the scarecrow strikes, similar to a tie that flutters within the breeze, it can work all the higher.
  • Cons: Birds will ultimately understand that the scarecrow is not actual and can ignore it to feed in your berry patch. Transferring the scarecrow ceaselessly can delay this.


A standard concept is that when birds raid your berry patch, they are not hungry as a lot as they’re thirsty. The excessive water content material in berries makes them a super goal for thirsty birds. By having a birdbath close by, you give them what they really need, they usually go away your berries alone. This can work even higher in the event you can add the sound of water, via the usage of a dripper or fountain.

  • Professionals: Birdbaths will carry all kinds of yard birds to your yard, and plenty of of those birds feast on insect pests.
  • Cons: If the birds actually are simply hungry, you’ve got offered them with a full meal as an alternative of only a drink.

Chicken Feeders

The precept behind this concept is that in the event you give the birds their very personal meals, they will go away yours alone. Place a feeder or two in shut proximity to your berry patch, and the birds will go to the feeders as an alternative of raiding your crop.

  • Professionals: As with the chicken tub thought, inviting birds to the backyard will help you management insect pests.
  • Cons: In case you aren’t cautious about retaining the feeders full as soon as you’ve got attracted hungry birds, they may very effectively discover the luscious berries close by and feast on them. The chicken feeder could improve the variety of birds in your backyard.

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Having a radio in your berry patch or close to your grapevines will create sufficient noise to frighten hungry birds away.

  • Professionals: Noise does frighten birds off.
  • Cons: Having a radio on all day can get annoying for each you and your neighbors. Additionally, as soon as the birds get used to the noise, they will not be shy about investigating your backyard.

Plant Sufficient for Everybody

Perhaps the most effective answer is simply to just accept that you’ll have losses, and plant many extra berry vegetation or grapevines than you really need. The birds get their share, you get yours, and everybody’s blissful.

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  • Professionals: In case you overplant, you are virtually assured to get at the very least some berries out of your backyard.
  • Cons: There isn’t any assure that the birds will not simply go forward and devour all the pieces earlier than you get an opportunity to reap your share.

Selecting Your Technique

Any technique you select is probably going to provide you some success in defending your berry or grape harvest, though the most effective long-term answer, by far, is to make use of netting over your berry crop. The harvest time for birds is usually a brief one—about the identical time it’s for people harvesting berries. You’ll not have to fret a lot within the early days of berry formation and ripening. Solely on the level the place the berries start to ripen will you have to double-down in your efforts to maintain birds away.

But in addition do not forget that yard wildlife is without doubt one of the joys of gardening. Birds will help by devouring pest bugs, they usually add a component of dwelling magnificence to the backyard. By making an attempt these easy, humane strategies of defending your berries, you’ll be able to coexist peacefully with these feathered associates.

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